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Astara Light Technique: Kriya Sakti Class

Learn the ancient technique of materialization as Kuthumi taught and practiced it. Learn and Practice the Astara Light Technique: KRIYA SAKTI

Bringing Light into your Goals, Energy Practices & Dreams

Breathe new life into your energy work, healing practices, spiritual life and goal attainment (this is an intensive practice for spiritual students).

Astara’s Kriya Sakti class is the mystical practice mastered by Teacher Kuthumi.

  • Use the creative essence of the generative glands to create with the power of the mind.

  • Experience the immediate, psychic, etheric process that enhances your power to manifest goals, wishes and extraordinary accomplishments.

  • Develop your mental training over the physical ethers of the body.

Presented by Greg Toews in an easy to follow, condensed format for practicing in real time and on your own schedule privately:

(experiential breathing, mental control, visualization with mastery of particular types of thought-forms, deep inner teachings and one-pointed materialization with advanced Lama Yoga).

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