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Astara's Book of Life Degree Lesson Quizzes

Astara quizzes are a quick and informal assessment of student knowledge based on your progress through the Book of Life Degree Lessons. Astara’s  team has created an applicable and easy system to guide you along the path of your spiritual development.  We’ve designed  a friendly “your space” environment to briefly test a students' level of comprehension regarding esoteric concepts, basic principles and metaphysical definitions from the books and thus, providing you with insights into your own  progress and any existing knowledge gaps.


These quizzes are private, available anytime and comprehensive.  These quizzes are designed so that the Degree Lessons become an integral part of you-not merely something you have studied but something you KNOW.  Deeper insights will be revealed through the Degree series and not all will be understood.  However, those who are on this particular path of Light may find them an increasing source of inspiration.  That is our wish for you.  

                                “These Lessons are as the light of a candle compared to the infinite Sun

                                  of the Ultimate Truth.”  Earlyne Chaney First Degree Lesson

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