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Amazon Associates

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Amazon Associates is a program where affiliates, like Astara, are allowed to link users to a site operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as you love. The difference is that when you shop through this link, Amazon will give Astara up to 10% of your total purchases. 


Every item available for purchase on is available through the Amazon Associates program at the same price. So, you still get the convenience of shopping on Amazon while providing up to 10% of your purchase total (depending on the shopping category) to Astara. How easy is that?!

Amazon Associates is a feature that ALL amazon shoppers can utilize (both Prime and non-Prime shoppers).

Click on the link below and save the homepage to your browser "favorites" or "bookmarks" to make shopping even easier.  


Thank you for supporting Astara through the same convenience you've always known by shopping on Amazon!

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