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 Your Questions Answered

  • What is Astara?
    Astara is a non-profit spiritual and healing ministry offering resources to help those who are interested in exploring more deeply who they are and who they might become. Astara's teachings bridge the gap between contemporary eastern and western religions, presenting their mysteries in context with the wisdom of ancient religious truths. Astara is a church of all religion, a School of the Ancient Wisdom, and a channel for the Aquarian Age. Our teachings are for those who seek to understand well: " With all thy getting, get understanding." Astara is for seekers whose spirits yearn to understand the mysteries lying buried in the words of all esoteric teachings... who may wish to honor that which is good in their own religion, their own personal philosopy of life, yet at the same time refuse to be bound by the narrow minds of religious leaders who set forth dogmas which bind the soul to spiritual stagnation. Astara is for those who seek to retain that which is good from the ancient past and who would still cherish the God and religion of their childhood... who seek ever-expanding states of consciousness which carry them into visions of a glorious future; which help them understand a new age conception of religion, embracing the mystical, esoteric teachings of all religions.
  • Why is Astara important?
    The time has arrived when the teaching of various schools must be combined, for there are those now incarnated and those who will be coming into birth who not only can grasp the entire Mysteries, but must be given a channel of Light through which to gain unlimited spiritual growth during this incarnation. And this is the purpose of Astara: to merge as many fragments of Light as it is possible for the contemporary mind to grasp, and to bring them foward under one banner, so that you, as a spiritual seeker, need not run far and wide in search of teachings concerning your concepts.
  • How can Astara impact my life?
    Application of the spiritual principles set forth in the Degrees leads ultimately to higher spiritual awareness in the Ancient Wisdom. Highest and final understanding comes only to the one who understands fully ALL the laws of the universe and how they operate in one's life; who comprehends the mystery of death, and life after death; who understands the power within one's being and how it may be utilized to make one's life a paradise while yet here on Earth; who learns to fathom the secrets of the scriptures which reveal God to humankind and unveil the mystery of where one came from, why one is here, and where one is going.
  • What beliefs or doctrine do Astarians follow?
    It is our purpose to bring to Astarians the mystical, esoteric teachings of all major religions and philosophies. We pay reverence to the saints, sages, seers, gurus, and avatars of all religions. And we place a primary emphasis on mystical Christianity, using this as an illustration or example of the Ancient Wisdom, the mysticism found in all major religions. Astara forces no teachings upon you which you do not accept. Astara teaches. You may believe or not, as it suits your own heart and mind. Astara is based upon the free will of the human spirit. There is no coercion. Every Astarian is free to decide for oneself the answer to the perpetual question asked so many centuries ago of a Galilean who stood before a certain Roman govenor and was asked, "What is Truth?"
  • How does Astara regard churches and religions?
    As a church of mystic Christianity, Astara differs completely from the orthodox and traditional. A church of free souls, Astara encourages each Astarian to seek God in their own way, recognizing authority in no one person or leader, but only in truth. As a church, Astara follows the leadership of the great Master Jesus the Christ, but pays reverent homage to the saints of all religions. Astara is nonsectarian, nondenominational, presenting no creeds, dogmas nor precepts which bind the mind in any way. Astara embraces the esocteric (or inner teachings) of all religions. Recognizing religion to be of supreme importance to the inner soul of every being, Astara seeks to help each Astarian find in every religion the radiant gem of Truth which is the soul of them all. Astara attempts to present concepts which illumine the mind. It is a place where faith joins hands with reason, where religion is compatiable with science, where the Wisdom of the Ages combines with modern philosophy to be interpreted in the light of today's need for intellectual understanding, as well as spiritual, mental, and emotional upliftment.
  • What is the message of Astara today?
    You and I and all souls of like mind, heart, and action are moving together in a world that awaits choices made from emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence, and compassion. Moving from Wisdom. Sustainable solutions come from eternal wisdom, from what has sustained the fullness of life. Where it has been chosen, it flourishes. You can see this in the world, time and time again, when healing, compassion, a sense of true self are allowed to move and flow. Astara has prepared us to meet as one- with everyone of like mind, heart, and action in moving forward into the world that awaits better choosing. Astara was placed here to move things forward and it's important that it carries on this work in more ways than ever, more vital than ever. Now is just as important as was the beginning. In this Aquarian Age, it is our duty, having lived in the same world, to remember and pray for those lost in the Piscean Age. War within yourself must stop before any other wars will end. Right relationship with this world begins with personal responsibility. Learn to listen to your inner dialogue, your wants, fears, your passions, and plans to know your motives - let this tell you who you are, and how close you, at this moment in time, are to who You really are.
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