ABOUT the Modern Mystery School of Astara

As a School of Ancient Mysteries, Astara offers a rich heritage from the glorious past to help you make for yourself a glorious future. This heritage is an exploration of the Wisdom Teachings which rose amidst the splendors of ancient Egypt, where the Mystery Schools reigned supreme under the guidance of illumined priest-kings... the Mysteries of the Golden Age of Greece, where the great philosophers - Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Plotinus, Aristotle - illumined the world with their wisdom... the esoteric teachings of India, Tibet. and other Eastern lands where the rich mysticism of the ages, taught by inspired gurus and lamas, has never been surpassed.


It is the function of the Mystery School of Astara to publish the Mystery Teachings in the form of the Lessons of the Degrees which are called the Astara's Book of Life. They embody profound and arcane Teachings little understood by the mass consciousness, yet they are written in language even the neophyte can understand, fully comprehend, and apply. 

Astara's Modern Mystery School fulfills your spiritual needs by listening to the voice of the enlightened past, often fitting it to printed page and making iit a living spiritual force in the lives of the disciples and initiates. Truly Truth, even coming from the times of antiquity, is never outdated, because truth is forever.


Thus, the Modern Mystery School must not only reinterpret Teachings from the Ancients, but must parallel those Teachings with the enlightened discoveries of modern science and research. They must provide instruction in the mystical and esoteric viewpoint of life, which enables the seekers to discover for themselves the purpose and meaning of life on earth today.


The serious seeker realizes that searching is not with intellect alone, seeing is not only with the eyes. There is an inner knowing, an inner sight. Your eternal quest to find your place in life, to know your destiny, to understand your full potential, has no answer in the material sciences.


 Only in the Mystery Schools does the seeker discover those inner dimensions, and the inner Way to the true Self. 

Through the work of the Astara Modern Mystery School:

  1. Astara provides an organized plan of study for enlightenment and soul progression through the Astara's Book of Life degree series. The studies included in this plan cannot be obtained through any academic institution and many of them are not available through any other source whatsoever.

  2. Astara interprets and adapts the eternal truths for your practical use in today's world.

  3. Astara directs you toward a relationship between you and yourself and the Cosmos by explaining many of life's enigmas, injustices, and inequalities.

  4. Astara teaches how to develop inner faculties that are higher than physical senses.

  5. Astara instructs healing techniques for illnesses and inharmonious conditions of every nature through prayer and the power of rightly oriented and directed consciousness.

  6. Astara inspires and motivates toward living in accord with the eternal spiritual principles which all the great religions have presented. 

  7. Astara provides a worldwide spiritual order that transcends denominational as well as national boundaries.

Thus, through these teaching and activities, Astara serves "the whole human."

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