ABOUT Astara's Book of Life Degree Lessons

Astara's Book of Life Degree Lessons are an 8-book series that cover a large and comprehensive body of esoteric material gleaned from sacred texts, timeless philosophies, and teachings of the Great Masters, as channeled through Astara's founders, Robert and Earlyne Chaney. They light the way for the seeker of spiritual evolution and reveal the arcane soul pageant from before birth, through life, death and the afterlife. 

Astara's teachings encompass those of all religions, as all are believed to be divinely inspired by the Supreme One and, as such, find welcome in Astarianry. All these religions and more are discussed and their mystical teachings explored in the Lessons. And, seekers of all religions have found Astara's teachings a wonderful addition to their own religious beliefs.

The Infinite Being is called by diverse names:  Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, Huwa, Krishna, Akal Purakh, Zeus, Allah, Mother, Father, Ahura Mazda, Brahm... But there is only one Mother-Father God. Truly it must be inconsequential what titles of denomination or sect we bear, so long as we recognize that we all have a divine cosmic connection that allows for ever-evolving levels of awareness and love.

Encouraging each toward her or his own faith, our teachings are primarily from the mystical Christian viewpoint, for this is the set of beliefs that the Chaney's were most familiar. Thus, Astara's Lessons are built upon a foundation of the mystical Christianity, while also including, teaching, and revering the mystical tenets of many of the great religions and spiritual movements. In the Lesson Degree pages, reverent homage is paid to the mysteries and teachings of other Wayshowers and Avatars who, like Jesus, are all divine children of the Universal Consciousness.

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