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Internationally Acclaimed Astara's Book of Life Degree Lessons

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Astara Book of Life Degree Lessons

Astara's Book of Life Degree Lessons are an 9-book series that cover a large and comprehensive body of esoteric material gleaned from sacred texts, timeless philosophies, and teachings of the Great Masters, as channeled through Astara's founders, Robert and Earlyne Chaney. 

The writings of Earlyne and Robert have taught and inspired people around the world for decades.  Earlyne Chaney, mystic, teacher, healer and internationally known writer contributed enormous volumes of channeled esoteric wisdom teaching derived from the ancient Mystery schools.

If you want the mystical wisdom of the ages at your fingertips, and to express hidden potentials of mind and Higher Self, you may be very near the answer to your desires.  If you seek enlightenment, healing for body and soul, new inspiration and aspiration, you may find the realization of your personal goals and dreams.

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Degree Lessons Disclose Inner Teachings:

Life DOES have an Instruction Book 

New Ninth Degree Just Published from the Archives!

Astara's Degree Lesson, the Book of Life are revered by many lifelong students of the arcane and mystical as this century's outstanding achievement in spiritual instruction,  They light the way for the seeker of spiritual evolution.

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Astara's Book of Life Degree
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