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The ASTARA LIGHT newsletter        
     The Voice of ASTARA magazine


A new edition to the Astara media family, Astara Light , is the monthly blessing & digital newsletter for Astarians all over the world.  The blessing and meditation are delivered to your

in-box along with lifestyle products to enhance your everyday "light" living and monthly events postings help you share and practice the Astara teachings and lessons. Enjoy!

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      The Voice of Astara Magazine


Since August of 1952, The Voice of ASTARA has been the life-force of Astara; informing and teaching a diversity of ideas and techniques to elevate the consciousness of Astarians while guiding them on their path of spiritual awakening and evolution.  The Voice of ASTARA is now a quarterly print magazine. The latest edition is now available and can be read in  Flipbook format.   Email us to receive your own printed copy via snail mail

For all media & press inquiries.
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