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You are Invited to Become a member

Becoming a member of Astara is a transformative opportunity that enriches your life  

  • Certificate of Membership to the Astara Organization

  • Inclusion into a network of spiritual practitioners, students & light seekers

  • Access to the Book of Life Degree Lessons, studies and discourses

  • Prayer and Healing Petition requests and blessings

  • Special member discounts to the Astara Store and Astara Books

  • Priority access to Astara events, study groups and live-stream classes

  • Digital downloads to Astara Light & The Voice of Astara

  • Being part of something bigger than yourself- helping spread the lessons   and teachings to all who seek

Additional member benefits include:

  • Access to unpublished and written works and audio recordings by the Chaney's, The Voice newsletter archives.

  • Astara's Book of Life Individual Degree Completion and Series Graduate Certificates

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