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725 Deep Valley Drive


Astara is a non-profit spiritual organization whose mission it is to spread teachings and healings based on the universal truths found in the Book of Life Degree Lessons.
Astara's teachings bridge the gap between contemporary Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies, presenting their mysteries in a clear context with the wisdom of ancient spiritual truths.


Since 1951, Astara has existed to provide humanity with the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe, so that they may learn to make decisions based upon their own Higher Guidance. Spiritual self-realization is emphasized and information is provided to guide each individual on their own sacred life's path. ​ 


All Are Welcome At Astara.
Whatever your religion, or if you have none at all, you are invited to pursue your spiritual search through Astara.
Let this Channel of Light help you see the path of life in its authentic glory and true possibilities.

People from all faiths study esoteric teachings and mystic philosophy through Astara.

If you search for that deeper something... discover for yourself the joys and riches of Astara.

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1.  A center for all religions without the dogma of any
2.  A school of the ancient mysteries
3.  A collaboration of all philosophies which unite us as one in the Infinite
4.  An Institute of psychic research with special attention to spiritual healing of physical, emotional and mental aspects.
5.  Research into life before and after physical incarnation

The executive Staff of Astara and Members of the Board are dedicated to the conservation of Astara, now and for future generations.

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