You are welcome at Astara.
Whatever your religion, or if you have none at all, you are invited to pursue your spiritual search through Astara.
Let this Channel of Light help you see the path of life in its authentic glory and true possibilities.

People from all faiths study esoteric teachings and mystic philosophy through Astara.

If you search for that deeper something... discover for yourself the joys and riches of Astara.


Astara is a non-profit spiritual development provider offering resources to help those who are interested in exploring more deeply who they are and who they might become.
Astara's teachings bridge the gap between contemporary Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies, presenting their mysteries in a clear context with the wisdom of ancient spiritual truths.


Since 1951, Astara has existed to provide humanity with the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe, so that they may learn to make decisions based upon their own Higher Guidance. Spiritual self-realization is emphasized and information is provided to guide each individual on their own sacred life's path. ​ 

Earlyne and Robert Chaney co-founded Astara during the start of the New Age movement... A time when metaphysical and psychic study centers had sprung up in cities and small towns alike.  Spiritualist camps dotted the nation and mystics, musers and charlatans held as much sway as the nomadic, wayfaring preachers of the time.

Wisdom was raining on the people of Earth and some recognized its true worth.  Others, while perhaps sensitive to the energies, didn’t develop the foundational, emotional or heart wisdom of the ageless principles behind this outpouring of wisdom and muddied the waters by confusing ego with Ego. 

What made the Chaney’s work revolutionary was that it inaugurated the next evolutionary step toward a truly new age. By separating the wheat from the chaff, it distilled the buzz, went behind the mirrors and lights, and brought the qualitative sound and venerable essence of the wisdom of the ages together into a singular cohesive instrument to reach into the awakening soul of humanity.  That instrument is Astara’s Book of Life

Through the series of studies called Astara's Book of Life Degree Lessons, you will learn various techniques to help you clarify the meaning of your experiences, and particularly significant, access those in Higher realms of Consciousness that do their best to illuminate it for you.


Is it possible to enumerate the principles of an institution whose members search for the mystic meaning of ALL religions and philosophies?​​

Among many others, Astara's spiritual principles include the following ideas:

  1. ​ You are essentially a spiritual being in the image of God, possessing many unsuspected qualities.

  2.  Your present life experiences are giving you the opportunity to:

    • express talents previously acquired;​

    • discharge accrued obligations (karma);

    • acquire new talents

  3.  Awaiting your discovery are:

    • the relationship between your physical faculties and spiritual attainment (example: yogic disciplines);​

    • the relationship between your interior faculties and spiritual attainment (example: meditation, intuition).

  4.  The scriptures of all religions are capable of esoteric interpretation; in fact, they must be so interpreted to be rightly understood. Teachings of the ancients possess the eternal truths but they must be reinterpreted for today's world.

  5.  Higher dimensions of life surround you. They may be perceived in part through an expansion of your consciousness while yet on this physical plane. There are residents of these higher dimensions whose lives are often intertwined with yours.

  6.  This is the beginning of an age in the spiritual calendar when new qualities of mind and spirit are to be discovered and developed (example: parapsychology).

  7.  Every spiritual truth must be consistent with science. The laws of the universe are as valid when applied in spiritual matters as to material.

These and other principles are explained in detail in the Astarian study materials, books, recordings, and public services.

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