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About Astara's Founders

 Earlyne and Robert Chaney

On the 4th of July in 1947, Earlyne Cantrell and Robert Chaney met upon the front steps of a small cottage on the grounds of Camp Chesterfield, Indiana. Earlyne was visiting in pursuit of her studies of self-realization and illumination, while Robert was working on-staff as a renowned Medium.
"And with the meeting came immediate recognition and vague remembrances of other lives and other labors for the alliance of the White Light." 

Awe-struck and captivated, Earlyne had finally found the mysterious eyes of her dreams for many years prior and Robert, mesmerized, found the woman of his dreams and love of his life.
After a three month courtship, on October 4, 1947, the two were married. Thus, two spiritually dedicated lives became one as they combined their knowledge and talents in the service of the Great Light.
Slowly a dream began to take shape, fashioned perhaps from their memory of long ago when the Mystery Schools reigned supreme. This dream to establish a New Age Mystery School was about to manifest; a center for all religions and philosophies, both ancient and modern.  A Mystery School, a Center of Light, where people could gather to discuss all types of religions and spiritual practices, yet not be bound by any single dogma.
And so it was on October 17, 1951, in Los Angeles, CA that Astara blossomed forth.  Astara... a Place of Light... brought into reality from the dream the Chaney's dreamed together. 
Astara quickly flourished and grew; drawing international attention as the 'center of all religions.' Global leaders in the world of metaphysics were drawn to Astara for years to come:  Dr. George M. Lamsa, Dr. Gustav Stromberg, Dr. Garabed Paelian, Swami Parampanthi, Pandit Behkpati Sinha, Professor Akira Nakanishi,  author Harold Sherman, Dr. Marcus Bach, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvat, Brother Mandus, Torkom Saraydarian, Master Choa Kok Sui, and many others.

Striving to fulfill the mission for which they came, the Chaney's writings, teachings, lectures, and healings have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and have brought them acclaim and recognition of international scope within the metaphysical world. The sharing of their wisdom has led countless souls into the realms of the esoteric and mystical, to reveal piece by piece, the ultimate truths and will continue to inspire people around the world for decades to come.

ABOUT Earlyne Cantrell Chaney


Earlyne Cantrell Chaney (1916-1997), was a mystic, healer, author, and teacher who wrote more than 100 books on spirituality and New Age subjects. In 1951, with her husband, Robert, she co-founded Astara, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration of spirituality. A native of rural Texas, Chaney abandoned a brief Hollywood acting career to study and advocate the uniting of Eastern and Western religions. She developed a new discipline of meditation and prayer called Lhama Yoga. Among Chaney’s books are the degree series titled Astara's Book of Life and many others, such as Initiation in the Great PyramidThe Mystery of Death and Dying and Remembering: The Autobiography of a Mystic. 

Earlyne's life achievements earned her an honorary Ph.D. in Theology, and renowned commendation in the books, The World's Who's Who of Women, Two Thousand Women of Achievement, and the Who's Who in California.

"But the real Earlyne Chaney's life cannot be encompassed in biographical statistics. They cannot tell of her childhood psychic experiences, the cosmic illumination of later years, the extraordinary interweaving of lives and circumstances which first delayed and then developed her writing talents, nor the thousands who have benefitted from her philosophy and her natural capacity to heal those who are suffering from a troubled mind and a painful body."

ABOUT Robert Galen Chaney


Robert Galen Chaney (1913-2006) was an author, medium, minister, lecturer, a 32nd Degree Mason and member of the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, as well as the Los Angeles Theater Organ Society. In 1951, with his wife, Earlyne, he co-founded Astara, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration of spirituality. A native of Indiana, Robert was one of the world’s leading authorities on psychic phenomena.

With a long lineage rooted in Spiritualism, Robert was gifted with a special genius for teaching subtle truths of religion and mysticism. As a writer and lecturer, Robert taught self-development and personal growth methods for more than half a century, presenting seminars and workshops all over the world. Through years of research, study, and meditation, Robert developed some of the most revolutionary techniques for spiritual and motivational instruction adapted to the Modern Era and was justifiably recognized as one of the outstanding Contemporary mystics and philosophers of his time.

Among Robert's books were Astara's Book of Life - 8th Degree, Akashic Records: Past Lives & New Directions, The Inner Way, Mysticism - The Journey Within. He was also a contributor the SEC metaphysical publication, Golden Rays. 

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