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The BARDO Process

The Bardo for the Journey of the Soul


What is the Bardo

between two states of consciousness     intermediate or transitional state       twilight state​

Simply put, the Death Bardo is the after-death journey of the soul on its ascension to the higher spheres. The Bardo is the state of consciousness into which every soul passes as it makes the transition from life on Earth to spirit life. It is the in-between consciousness into which you will pass immediately before death and remain for an interim after death, lasting anywhere from a flash of seconds to three days. 

The Bardo has three phases. The first is the dawning fo the Clear Light of the Void. The second is the viewing of the Secondary Light. The third is the Valley of Accountability..

To assist souls on the Bardo journey, a recorded Bardo ritual may be played.  Guides will often read a specially prepared Bardo ritual or play a recorded Bardo blessing to guide the departing soul.  The words are carefully planned to soothe away fear, to help guide the consciousness into full awareness of the approaching Clear Light.

Below is a recording Earlyne Chaney's version of the Death Bardo Ritual for Astarians. To learn more about the Bardo and the experience of death and dying, click the links below to purchase Astara's Book of Life - 3rd Degree and The Mystery of Death and Dying by Earlyne Chaney.  
Or c
lick on Bardo for pdf version.

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The Bardo Ritual for the Journey of the Soul

The Bardo Ritual for the Journey of the SoulEarlyne Chaney
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