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Spiritual Healing Through Prayer Petitions

Astarians around the world request prayers for healing:  for physical illness, emotional and mental disturbances, psychosomatic illness,  not only for themselves but for others. Letters from members everywhere attest to innumerable healings. By using the petitions,

you may request healing prayers at any time.

Healing prayers are not intended to supplant the physician or any other form of healing.


Prayer Petitions for Help with Adversity

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When confronted with a difficult issue regarding any of life's apparently unyielding situations, you may receive added prayer help by sending a

'Cosmic Help Petition' to Astara. 

Every problem is held in strictest confidence.

As with healing prayers, instances of benefit are described

by Astarians around the world:

new opportunities, personal relations improved, better positions gained

and numerous other beneficial aids.

We will pray that the Light from the Divine spirit will surround you and

your prayer request,

and that this Spirit will be reborn in your life.

Please tell us who the petition is for,

their location, and the details of the request.

You can send in prayer cards for

our ministers to pray for you and

connect you with the Astara Heirarchy

for healing.

Healing & Prayer Petition

Thank you. A minister will contact you soon. All communication is held in the strictest of confidence.

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