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Experiences at Astara

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Stafford, VA

Thank you for your willingness to help me and my family. I cannot imagine how I  would have fared over the years without your prayer."


Rancho Cordova, CA

Thank you, Astara, for all you do for humankind and all beings. The guidance, love, support, protection is greatly appreciated.


Willits, CA

I learned the Astara's affirmation and it has proven to be the most significant event in my life. It gave me the motivation and courage to go on with living. I am forever grateful.


"You have brought so much blessing and joy into my life. I cannot express in words my gratitude to you. I have received so, so many times when in need."

Laurie from Hancock, MI

"The depth of material covered in the First Degree alone astonished me. I'd read hundreds of books over the years, but with Astara, I found the mystical "meat and potatoes" I'd been searching a lifetime to learn. Each new teaching I absorb changes me in a real and exciting way. Though I have far to go, I'm becoming a better person and in moments of quiet, I perceive that my consciousness is expanded and I am not the same person I used to be. Thank you!"

Steven from St. Louis, MO

"My sincere wish is that all Astarians will have as great or greater spiritual growth that I have received through Astara." 

Jill from McLeansboro, IL

"To be an Astarian is a wonderful joy. I have been an Astarian now for 13 years. It has been a wonderful growth experience in every way. Don and I are always aware of your presence in our lives. Through all of this last year, Astara has bee right with us; healing, guiding, and comforting in so many ways."

Rebecca from Wallingford, CT

"Membership [in Astara] opens the door to the very deep and high esoteric teachings. I regard Astara as a place where it really opens the way to spiritual lessons with no punches pulled... The educational materials are very beneficial indeed. I feel the material would be difficult to obtain from other sources."

Ken from Scottsdale, AZ

"Miracles, miracles are what I constantly experience since my membership of over 35 years with Astara."

Kathleen from Scotland Neck, NC

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