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Note from the President

February Love!

As the new President and CEO of Astara, I am honored and thrilled to be securing the future of the teachings and lessons and have learned in the last few weeks how truly “loved” Astara is by thousands all over the world.  My focus is on sharing and gathering the ageless wisdoms of the heart in a way that is contemporary and which resonates with young and future Astarians, as well as preserving the ties to our beloved and longstanding members and founders respectively.

My intent is to have as many people experience love’s harmony through spiritual principals and to spread the Astara Book of Life Lessons by integrating a true lifestyle approach to Earlyne and Robert Chaney’s teachings.  With your help and love, we look forward to an exciting year of keeping you engaged and up to date and renewed  (even surprised!) with the truths of Astara.

Reverend Greg Toews

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