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March 1, 2007

Dear Astarian,                                                                                               A Tribute to Dr. Robert Chaney!

As you may have already heard, my dear Daddyo, on the early morning of December 20, 2006, departed for what he would call the greatest journey of his life. His Spirit did what we say in the Death Bardo. He went into the Light.

I thank God that, even though it was unexpected, at least he was able to make his transition to heaven peacefully. He is now in a much happier place, of course, with my dear, sweet Mama, his much loved parents, and all his friends. I must tell you, dear Astarian, that at 93 years old he was very ready to go Home. He told me so several times over the past year. I know full well that he will be with me, Astara and Astarians in spirit whenever we need him, or call upon him, as is sweet Mama’s spirit, too.

I would now like to share with you a wonderful poem dedicated to my father —

To Robert

I think that when these ageless stars go out,
And this dear planet earth has spun its last
Great arc through God’s vast universe —
That you and I, as in remembered pasts
Shall still be touching hands and heart
And it shall matter not where that shall be —
Though we may span no golden, misty heights,
It shall be heaven-blessed if you are there.
And when we turn again to mortal lives,
And wear again some face and form of earth.
If God will let me find you once again,
I shall count every earthly moment worth
The loss of heaven, because this life has been
So filled with joy, and light and loving you —
That any place where your dear presence is,
Is where my light and life and love are, too.

            – Earlyne C. Chaney

My dear Dad’s memorial service will be held Sunday, April 15 in Central Park Complex of the Goldy S. Lewis Community Center in Rancho Cucamonga at 1 PM, after our church service which will be held that morning at 11am here at Astara’s headquarters. As I know Dad would want, instead of flowers, if people choose, a small donation can be made to Astara (the spiritual organization he founded with Mama) in Dad’s name, as a gift to him and his life’s work.

As the years go on, I want you to know, dear Astarian, that I will run Astara in the best way I can. Since I have worked for Astara from almost the day I was born, except for the years that I went to college, graduate school and ran a marriage and family private practice. I do have years of experience behind me. And with my wonderful parents’ Divine Guidance to help me along the way, I do often turn to them and seek their help for ways to move forward with Astara. They’re right there with an answer in a message, or a dream. They have built an amazingly strong foundation by starting Astara, and running it so well for so many years.

Just to let you know, in the last year I have made sure that Astara hired a computer consultant, a business consultant and a marketing consultant. Therefore, we have experts to turn to when we need their advice and guidance, but believe me, I will always turn to my parents first. Just know that as the Executive Director, I will make sure that Astara’s mission in our world today that began when my parents first founded this wonderful, metaphysical organization, will continue. My effort will always be to make that mission grow deeper and stronger to assist seekers spiritual needs, as we all move together down the spiritual path.

Thank you for being there with your thoughts and prayers as I go through all of this.

 Love and Light, Sita

P.S. I would also like to share with you the following message from my parents, written many years ago....


    Both Robert and I want to assure Astarians everywhere that no matter where we are — whether in the body or after we leave the body for our Work on the higher planes — paramount in our minds and hearts always will be the spiritual growth of Astarians. As dedicated as we are now, while abiding on Earth, to the purpose of Astara and its wonderful aggregate of evolving souls, we shall be of even greater service after we leave Earth for the higher dimensions of life.

    Wherever we are we shall be with you. Just as the Masters help us all now, so shall we attempt to uplift and inspire Astarians so long as there is even one who needs us. [Astara's Book of Life, First Degree, Lesson 3, page 22]

A Tribute to Dr. Robert Chaney!


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