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A Fitting Tribute to Dr. Robert Chaney

Robert ChaneyThe unique life of this genuinely incredible man was honored and celebrated on Sunday, April 15, at the Rancho Cucamonga Community center. Friends and loved ones from all over the United States and beyond came to join  Dr. Sita Chaney in celebrating the life of her father,  Astara cofounder, Dr. Robert Chaney.

Presenting thoughts, feelings and memories about Robert were Dr. Frank Haggard, Rev. Peggy Rodriguez, Fred Stewart, Mary Moffatt, Rev. Ruby Morrow and Rev. Steve Doolittle.

Since music was a large part of Robert’s life, much of the program was centered around his favorite kinds of music. Original and period recordings of marches, showtunes, dixieland jazz, and more were played during the service and for the luncheon that followed.

Prior to the memorial and life celebration at the community center, Dr. Robert was also remembered and honored at Astara’s Sunday Service.

“I deeply appreciate your letter concerning your father, Astarian’s wonderful friend and teacher. I too, lost my father recently. He died November 15, 2006 and my mother unexpectedly passed away July 5, 2006. I had the honor and privilege of being caregiver for my father during the last difficult 16 months of his life. I am the only survivor in our family and I am an only child like yourself." 

“I had an opportunity to talk with your dad on the Egyptian tour in 1987 (I might be mistaken on the year), and know firsthand, what a beautiful, kind and loving soul he is. While we are happy that our parents are right where they belong bathed in the pure White Light of the Christ, it is emotionally difficult being on the physical plainwithout their physical presence." 

“I want to personally thank you for your great contribution to my father’s peaceful passing as I was able to play your Death Bardo CD at his bedside both before and after his transition. I also played Carol Spears Crystal Harp: Divinely Inspired Music of Harp and Crystal Bowls. This hastened a peaceful passing for Dad. You’ll better understand the meaning of this when I explain that he was devout Catholic and had some issues about dying which he hadn’t been willing to share with me." 

“My love and prayers are always with you, Earlyne, and Robert."  
— J.R.

“I was privileged to see Dr. Robert when he came to Manila many years ago for a special seminar; everyone was impressed not only to his vast knowledge, which he effortlessly conveyed in a very practical way, but to his humility. With that level of understanding he still managed to project himself as someone very ordinary, there was no trace of ego in him. At this day and age where so many New Age pretenders are cropping-up everywhere with the most flamboyant pomp and drama to conceal their otherwise shameful lack of knowledge the disappearance of someone genuine is truly lamentable.”                                          
— N.P.

“... Concerning the passing of dear Dr. Robert ... I did not know him and I loved him and so I know how all who did know him and loved him well must be feeling. We are aware that he is well now on the other side and reunited with those who passed before. We know how much good can be done free of the limitations of the body. How can we not miss the laughter, the sound of a loved one’s voice, the twinkle in his eyes, the loving press of his hand? He’s THERE, we’re not."

“For no reason I am aware of however, I knew he was gone. I checked the last newsletter as soon as it arrived because I expected to see a notice. I didn’t have a dream (that I remember) but I felt that his special energy had moved on. Few people have behind them a memorial such as Astara which I know will continue to live and to grow and to reach out to seekers everywhere and give us a place to come together, in love and thought even if not in physical body."

“We thank all of you for providing that place and we especially thank the Chaney family for their powerful example and dedication to Astara and the teachings."

“I lit a white candle and got out the special French cocoa and drank a toast of hot chocolate, with extra marshmallows on top, in Dr. Robert’s memory. Something tells me he was a cocoa kind of man. Journey well, Sir!”          
— J.D.


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