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Astara has been dedicated to elevating the consciousness and health of humankind since it was founded in 1951. Astara's Book of Life Degree Lessons have helped enlighten hundreds-of-thousands of seekers worldwide.

Astara . . .

  • Is accredited as a nonprofit religious institution
  • Was founded in 1951 -- now in its sixth decade of service
  • Has members in over 85 countries of the world

People from all faiths study esoteric teachings and mystic philosophy through Astara. You may maintain membership in any religion and still become an Astarian. This is a way to explore life's most personal and meaningful treasures.

If you want the mystical wisdom of the ages at your fingertips, if you want to express hidden potentials of mind and Higher Self, you may be very near the answer to your desires.

If you seek enlightenment, healing for body and soul, new inspiration and aspiration, you may find the realization of your personal goals and dreams through Astara, a place of light, a lodestar on the true path of the soul.

Degree Lessons Disclose Inner Teachings
Astara's Degree Lessons, the Book of Life, are hailed by many lifelong students of the arcane and mystical as this century's outstanding achievement in spiritual instruction.

The Degree Lessons are available only to members of Astara. They have been channeled through Robert and Earlyne Chaney for many years from Masters of the divine hierarchy, teaching ancient Wisdom from the times of the Mystery Schools of antiquity. They light the way for the seeker of spiritual evolution. They reveal the arcane soul pageant from before birth, through life, death and the afterlife.

Read some Highlights of our First Degree Lesson ~ click here!

If You Are a Seeker ...
If you search for that deeper something you may wish to discover for yourself the joys and riches of membership in Astara.

  • Study the same remarkable lessons which are inspiring seekers around the world.
  • Receive prayer assistance with your problems of life and health.
  • Take advantage of other resources -- recorded teachings, books at a discount, gratis monthly publications of unusual spiritual ideas, lessons on numerous mystical and metaphysical subjects.

You Are Welcome at Astara
Whatever your religion, or if you have none at all, you are invited to pursue your spiritual search through Astara. Let this "channel of light" help you see the path of life in its true glory and its true possibilities.

We invite you to become an Astarian. We do so without undue urging for we realize each must find one's own way. We place the opportunity before you with high expectations that you will benefit immeasurably if you accept it. We hope you do accept it, and that ours will be a rich spiritual fellowship through the years to come.



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